The Roadmap

The GoldPieces foundation is dedicated to imagining and developing a robust and fun ecosystem for the users of GoldPieces. Our plans include building and maintaining multiple games and services that will make GoldPieces a success worldwide. We're focused on growth and expansion in the gaming industry, and look forward to building our enviornment, community, and team.

Q4 2019
  • Online Wallet
  • Staking Pool

In this timespan we're looking to increase our accessibility by developing an online wallet for users. This will allow users to access their funds from an online wallet instead of needing to downloading the wallet software and blockchain. The online wallet will be accessible from any device and allow users to easily move and manage their funds.

Q1 2020
  • Game Development
  • Developer Libraries
Lets play

Once our base services are live we will be focusing on game development and releasing our initial game. This include game development and player aquisition marketing once the game is live. We will also be providing libraries for popular languages for other developers, making it easier for them to integrate GoldPieces in their projects.

Q4 2020
  • Marketplace
  • Payment Processor

The marketplace service will act similar to ebay, allowing users to setup vendor shops to sell their products such as systems, games, giftcards, and more. Users can shop vendors and leave feedback, all while being protected by an integrated escrow system. The payment processor system will be integrated and also available to off-marketplace shops and services that want to send and receive payment using GP.

Q1 2021-*
  • Marketing
  • Aquisition & Expansion
And beyond!

The foundation looks to continually be expanding by developing and aquiring new games and services. We will be working on existing services while broadening the GoldPieces economy. Continually revising our general and product marketing campaigns will allow us to bring in new users.