Game on!

GoldPieces is a decentralized digital currency built for online multiplayer gaming. Imagine being able to transfer your GP from the RPG game your playing to another game at the click of a button, that's what we're looking to make possible! A shared currency between games, players, shops, and services alike.

The GoldPieces foundation is building this ecosystem one project at a time. Take a look at our roadmap to get an idea of what we're currently working on. Head over to the ecosystem and browse our directory of services, stores, exchanges, and applications.


GoldPieces puts game currency back in your hands. We think your hard earned game currency should be usable anywhere you want and sharable among your friends, and we aim to bring that vision to fruition.


Games that utilize GoldPieces will be participating in the next generation of unified gaming. Let yours users derive real value from playing your game by integrating GP into your game today.


Imagine grinding our your favorite game long enough and actually being able to purchase a new game or buy a steam giftcard at a GP supported shop! Now your time spent can have real value and reward.